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Update: Ok, this one just bothered me too much. It's perfectly fine that some things change when going from 2d to 3d, but for me something essential got lost on this one, so I went back and fiddled around with the proportions and some detailling to try and get that original vibe back. I skipped the sadistic smile, although I now think I should have given him that too :D
Anyway, quite different in looks now, and these two versions could as well be brothers... which I think I will make them :D I will have to do a bit more differentiation for that, but I like the idea of having these two as brothers, and not the kind you want living in your neighbourhood o_o


I was working on a bunch of other pieces, but when this dude appeared as a sketch I had to work him out in 3d. I just wanted him to be a scumbag, this very unlikable character. Unfortunatly something always gets lost when translating to 3d. I'm probably playing too safe with proportions, and I might actually give this guy a workover later to more exactly match the proportions and shapes of the doodle.

I went a bit overboard with compositing I think... spent 5 hours making renderpasses in zbrush... I'm going to look for a single click solution, because other than some noise and vignetting, I rather not do any compositing at all.
And that hair! I might just switch to using zbrush fiber for the next character, because sculpting is nice for blocking and game-characters, but for these renders I would probably be better of with a bit more hair-like hair...

Thijs de vries scumbag v2 2

Some tweaks around the eyes, and I gave him back a grin, since I felt that worked pretty well ;)

Thijs de vries scumbag v2

version 2

Thijs de vries scumbag sketch

original scribble

Thijs de vries scumbag2

version 1

Thijs de vries scumbag

version 1

Thijs de vries scumbag clay

clay v1

Thijs de vries scumbag color

colored v1

Thijs de vries scumbag sculpt

sculpty v1

Thijs de vries scumbag head

head v1