Mr. Wong

Meet Mr. Wong.

Update: something kept bothering me with this guy, and I thought it was just the hair, but I figured I spend some extra hours tweaking this guy. Redid the hair, and went over his entire face just... sculpting stuff.

Original sketches made him look younger, but I kept imaginging this guy as a somewhat older chinese man thinkering on huge robots, so I gave him a bit more age and wisdom.

Fun fact about the Wip image; that was an original sculpt made before the Zbrush Dynamesh era.
When Dynamesh arrived I was demonstrating it's awesomeness to someone on this Wong sculpt, turning into a horrendeous demonlike thing with horns and deformities and all that. When done demonstrating and we were about to head off, my automatic pilot self saved the file and shut down Z-brush... only after this I realized I just destroyed the only copy of Wong I had... one of those moments you feel your heart stop for a beat (it is after this I started doing incremental saves)... So based on Wip screens I made I had to redo the whole character -.-

Thijs de vries wongfinal

This should be the final.. except I messed up with the normalmap on the shirt. Not that it matters much, but still... so sloppy :D

Thijs de vries wong lineup

renders renders renders... today was all about getting familiar with keyshot :D

Thijs de vries wongkeyshot


Thijs de vries portraitmain
Thijs de vries portraits
Thijs de vries wong color


Thijs de vries wong clay


Thijs de vries wong


Thijs de vries wong

original doodle