Gipsy girl

Thijs de vries gipsysleek2
Sleek hair
Thijs de vries gipsy final2
Curly hair
Thijs de vries gipsy clay
Thijs de vries gipsy color
Thijs de vries gipsy final
Thijs de vries gipsy portrait
Thijs de vries portrait front
Thijs de vries gipsy
Original doodle.

Edit: know how when you did all your renders and sit back to enjoy a task complete, and then you see these things you really need to fix? So the forehead was a bit too pronunciated, and I also had a layer with skin detail turned off in all renders... so the 'final' one has this fixed.

Still struggling with the hair. Dunno... The curly style seems more gipsy to me, but I just like the sleek hair; it complements her sharp features better.

As with mr. Wong, this too started with a simple doodle somewhere in a sketchbook. I prefer working from these raw doodles, instead of first working something sort of production concept out in 2d. Something always gets lost from raw doodle to polished concept, and even more things change from 2d to 3d, so I like my to keep the original doodles around when trying to sort of grab their spirit in 3d.