The Great Little Worm - NPR version

The NPR version of my latest work. Putting this in the 2D section of my portfolio here, since I plan to create more of these illustration type 3d renders. Non-NPR renders (or, that would simply make them PR-renders) can be found here:

Thijs de vries 01a worm thijsdevries devriesarts
Thijs de vries 01b worm thijsdevries devriesarts

Slightly different NPR setup

Thijs de vries 02 wormrenders thijsdevries devriesarts

a few more samples from many experimentations

Thijs de vries 03 worms thijsdevries devriesarts

While working on this piece I considered adding a second creature. I decided against it, but do like this screengrab

Thijs de vries 04a wormsposing thijsdevries devriesarts