Orc commander

Orc commander.
Updated with some zbrush renders.

This guy is basicly my lab rat. He's been an anatomy study, zbrush workflow test subject, rigging demo case and shader subject. If I get to 3d printing, he might be first up again too, it would only be fair. There is a lot I would like to change with this guy (and occasionally I do, like a face redo, new outfit, new weapon), but sometimes you just have to let go and move on... Still, I find he worked our rather nicely.

Thijs de vries portraitshot

zbrush render

Thijs de vries orc fullsizepreview

zbrush render

Thijs de vries orc side

zbrush render

Thijs de vries orc desertshotmulti

Marmoset shots

Thijs de vries orc duo

Maya viewport capture

Thijs de vries t pose
Thijs de vries orc faceupdate

Redid the face a bit. Wanted this guy to be more menacing, less disney-esque.

Thijs de vries crosshatching

Realtime crosshatch shader, written in hlsl, screencap from maya viewport.

Thijs de vries orccommander overview

Original artwork and first Zbrush version, late 2013

Thijs de vries orc face rig01 test

Early tests building a joint-based face rig (no blendshapes used)